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Writing for God's glory! By Jeremy Hull

Jesus calms the storm

During Sunday school this morning God taught me again something very important. It’s something I’ve learned a lot by experience and from texts of scripture. However this morning it was very clearly taught to me again. What I learned this morning was not taught by my Pastor who was actually teaching the lesson but by an elderly lady in the class. She isn’t some great Theologian, or some great Prophet, in her own words she is “unlearned” and isn’t very smart. I, however, think she’s much smarter than she gives herself credit for but only by the Grace of God.

We are learning about temptation and how to fight against them and what to do when we don’t overcome them. In so doing she raised her hand and made a statement. I cannot remember what brought about this statement but man it hit me like a shotgun at point blank range.

She was speaking about the disciples when they were on the boat with Jesus and how they were in the middle of the storm. In the midst of this storm they were fretting about like children with no faith in God while Jesus slept. They procede to wake up Jesus and ask Him a question that should never be asked to God by one of His children. They asked, “Master, carest thou not that we perish?”

There are a couple things we should learn from this. First, if you a child of the Living God, He cares for you! There is nothing you can go through in this life that God doesn’t care for you in. No matter how big the storm is, no matter how much water has came into the boat, and no matter how fast the boat is sinking, God cares for you.

The second thing is what this Godly lady brought about in this text. Now mind you that she didn’t expound all of this like I am attempting, she just reminded us of this portion of scripture then made this statement. She said, not verbatim, “The disciples shouldn’t have been worried at all in the boat because before they got on the boat Jesus said, "they were going to the other side.” She pointed out how if Jesus say’s, “you’re going to the other side” you will be going to the other side. It doesn’t matter what storms or disasters happen from this side to the other side, you will make it because Jesus said, “you’re going to the other side.”

I’ve never really noticed this in the text and God taught it to me very clearly this morning. It doesn’t end there though.

We head into the sanctuary for worship this morning and my Pastor’s sermon is from Exodus, we are doing a kinda fly over the Old Testament to see how God works. However this morning we were in the portion of scripture where the Israelites were trapped in between the Red Sea and Pharoah. This made my mind go right back to Sunday school and what was said about going to the other side.

Those Israelites had no hope! They could either head into the Red Sea and no doubt they would all drown and die or they could go back to Pharaoh and either be killed or taken back into captivity. However the God of Israel pretty much say’s the same thing to these Israelites! They were going to the other side of the Sea! Now this wasn’t just a storm that was brewing this was a Sea! This is impossible to pass through! Many of us have lived through great storms but I dare say that not one of us have crossed through a sea! However God opens the Sea up and His people pass through on dry ground! What is impossible with man is possible with God!

Brethren what I want us to see from this is that those disciples in the New Testament storm in Mark 4 should have been were familiar with this text! They should have had complete faith that Jesus could not only calm the storm if He wanted to, He could have dried up the Sea if He wanted to. Now just as they had little faith in the Lord and were forgetful of our Lord’s previous works, we too act like they do when those storms come to us. Let us remember and keep in mind that Jesus, the God of the Universe, say’s, “you’re going to the other side” and rest in Him and in His Sovereign, Loving, and Providential hand. 

For His Glory!

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