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Jude 1:1

Jude- This is the half brother our our Lord Jesus Christ and brother of James, the writer of the book of James, as he states in this verse. (See Luke 6:16)

The servant of Jesus Christ- The word here for servant I don’t believe should be translated servant but “slave.” That’s what the word δοῦλος means. It would literally mean someone who gives himself totally to another’s will. Literally Jude is saying that I have laid down my life for my Lord Jesus Christ, who is also my half brother. In other words what the Lord says I do. O’ Christian how we must have this attitude! This should be our constant prayer that we can lay our lives down for our Lord! That we would be His slaves!

To them that are sanctified by God the Father- Now this is a controversial subject here. Sanctification has many different views but I think this verse is very clear. Jude say’s to them that “are” sanctified, not to them that “will be” sanctified. Jude is very clear here and I think that we should all agree we are sanctified in Christ. See Act_20:32; 1Co_1:2; 1Co_1:30; 1Co_6:11
There is no question in the mind of Jude or any of the Apostles that we “are” sanctified in Christ! Christian, remember this, you have been set apart (sanctified) by God for His service. You have been made Holy, hence the name Saints of God ἅγιος (Hagios) or in English, “Holy One” or “Most Holy thing.” We don’t deserve a name like this but God has declared us this because we are in Christ the True Holy One, the truly Sanctified One! God has placed us in Him, which means that God sees us like He sees Him, as a perfectly sanctified, and holy one!

Preserved in Jesus Christ- Preserved here is a word that means to keep in the state in which that person is or to attend carefully. Obvious from the doctrine of perserverance of the saints we know that God is the one doing the preserving, hence the reason that myself and many others like to call the doctrine preservation of the saints. This verb is in the Passive voice in Greek which would agree that God is the one doing the preserving. He’s performing the act upon the saint! The saint are being kept in Christ by God!

And called-As with the previous phrase, “preserved in Jesus Christ” this here is teaching a very clear doctrine in scripture and that is called the doctrine of election. Election or calling is the teaching that God calls or elects or chooses us before the foundation of the world. This is taught throughout scripture but here are a few verses to illustrate. See Eph_1:4 Joh_6:44; 1Pe_1:2; 1Pe_2:6;Joh_13:18; Joh_15:16; Joh_17:6; Joh_17:24; Rom_9:11;

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