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Seeking advice (please read)

Let me start this blog post off by saying this isn’t a normal blog post from me. I’m writing this to get advice, support, prayer, and anything else that can help me. I won’t be teaching any theological truths or anything but I still ask that you read this.

To start off I’d like to say that for about the past 5 years I’ve had a dream of what I want to do. This dream is not something I can do alone though which is why it’s scary. I need support from others, which I don’t like asking for. I need prayers from others, which I already expect from you guys. I need to trust others, which I may have an issue with. My dream is to travel all over the United States, visiting each state, and preaching the gospel. I have this grand scheme of preaching in each states capital first and visiting a church within that capital as well. I so desire to do this that there doesn’t go by one day that I don’t think of it and when I say think of it I mean that I picture it, I dwell on it everyday, and I think my life won’t be complete without doing this.

I’m writing this post not necessarily to ask for money support, even though I would need that. I’m writing this to ask for advice. How can I get this going? Any advice on an organization that could help? Any advice on things I haven’t thought of? I just would really like feedback from others to see if this is something I should do or if it’s just a pipe dream.

Please if you have read this share it with as many as you can. Also please email me at with your questions or advice.

Thanks for your time.
For His glory!

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