Martin Luther "The bondage of the will"                                     London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

John Bunyan "The pilgrim's progress"                                         Canons of Dordt                                

John Calvin "Calvin on self-denial"                                               The Didache

Charles Spurgeon "The treasury of David"                                   J.C. Ryle "Holiness"

A. W. Pink "The attributes of God"                                                Charles Spurgeon "Morning and Evening"

Mormonism Unvailed                                                                       Sermons on the Passion of our Lord by John Calvin

Link to Calvin's Institutes                                                                Link to Calvin's Commentaries

Link to A.A. Hodge's "Outlines of Theology"                               Link to Van Til's "Defense of Christianity"

Link to a site that offers a lot of free books                                  Works of Jonathan Edwards

1646 London Baptist Confession of Faith